'We pride ourselves on the innovative, lateral-thinking, problem-solving approach we bring to our quality customer service.'

Ronin International (NZ) Ltd offers the following services:

  • Professional Investigations
  • Coordination of Multi-Disciplinary Investigative Teams
  • International Investigations
  • Intelligence Gathering Services
  • Specialist Interviews
  • Missing Persons Enquiries
  • Fire/Post Blast Investigation
  • Security Consultation and Product Protection
  • Specialist Training
  • Specialist Risk Management
  • Multi-agency Coordination in Crisis Situation
  • Specialist Counter-Terrorism Advice
  • Personal Protection Services
  • Hostage Negotiation
  • Undercover Deployment
  • Covert Surveillance Services
  • Document Service
  • Specialist Media Liaison and Response
  • Policy Statement:
    Ronin International (NZ) Ltd strives to maintain the highest professional standards with every task we undertake.  We therefore reserve the right to decline to undertake tasks requested of us that do not meet with our corporate code of ethics.  We also reserve the right to terminate an investigation or project at any time, if it comes to our notice that material facts have not been adequately disclosed by the client.


PO Box 526, Christchurch 8140, New Zealand
Phone: (0064 3) 377 6654 - Fax: (0064 3) 377 6384 - Cellular 027 279 7629
or you can Email David at david.haslett@ronin.co.nz